Refurbishment Grading

MGI certified refurbished electric caddies are pre-owned motorised caddies that undergo a stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for resale. Every unit is evaluated individually to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Certified refurbished units:
• Are put through a thorough inspection and cleaning process.
• Undergo full functionality testing involving 13 quality checkpoints.
• Any defective parts identified in testing are replaced.
• Are repackaged in plain packaging prior to resale.

The refurbishment process follows the same technical guidelines as MGI Golf Inc’s manufacturers Finished Goods testing procedures to ensure all refurbished units are fit for resale.

Certified refurbished products are fully functional pre-owned units. Our refurbishing team receive pre-owned units directly from MGI Golf Inc, test more than 12 quality checkpoints per cart to ensure that they are in perfect working condition and are then graded based on the physical appearance of the unit and their mileage.

The unit has very minor superficial markings that are hardly visible from a distance. The unit looks excellent and works perfectly. The motor and battery are near-new. These models are ex-demo or ex-floor display stock.

Very Good
There are some superficial scratches, marks or ware which can be noticed. The unit operates perfectly. The motor and battery function perfectly but have been used.

There are minor scratches, marks dents or ware that are clearly visible. The unit operates perfectly. The motor and battery function perfectly but have varying mileage.

Refurbishment Quality Checkpoints:
• Driveline inspected and tested
• Gearbox tested and inspected
• Motor(s) inspected and tested
• Rear wheels inspected
• Electronics inspected and tested
• Cart functions inspected and tested
• Battery and charger inspected and tested
• Aesthetic condition inspected and rated
• Mileage inspected and documented
• Lubrication applied to required parts
• Folding mechanisms inspected and tested
• Full internal and external clean of cart
• Parts replaced where required with genuine MGI spare parts

Refurbished Golf Caddies will never resell electric caddies that have been damaged by:
• Complete immersion in water
• Fire

If you are unsure about purchasing a refurbished electric caddy, we offer a 12-month warranty on all caddy purchases and a 30-day return policy.